by Sandy Penny
For some, it is enough to experience life through the usual filters, the mind and society’s accepted norms. For others, there is an internal drive to experience the world of emotion, intuition, the unseen astral and etheric, and their spiritual guidance within ... their connection with the Oneness.

The Awakeners

These stories are written for those who are awakening to this other world beyond the mental and physical one, to let them know that it is just as accessible and acceptable, perhaps more so, for those who have connected with it. We share this planet with many unseen beings that are just as real as we are. And we can interact with them.

Just because you haven’t experienced them personally does not negate their existence. You cannot see bacteria and viruses with your own eyes, but they still exist and impact our lives.

Unseen beings image

Connecting to the Invisible World

Beyond the mundane life of earning a living, raising children, climbing the ladders of success or looking for love, there is another world that exists simultaneously - unseen and unheard until something in you experiences it, perhaps by accident, like I did.

Your connection to that world may come when someone dies, or when you’re sick or stressed, or when you’re lonely or confused or even at the pinnacle of your success. But, this I know from my experience - once that world knows you exist, it will not return to its silent invisibility.

Conscious Mysticism

It asserts itself in your life and creates a mystical overlay that challenges everything you believe to be reality.

It calls out to you from dreams and whispers in your ears and speaks to you through cryptic symbols and messages from strangers. 

Real Stories

These stories are based on real experiences in Sandy Penny's own life and the lives of others she has met along the way. They are based on long past memories and have been edited to illustrate certain spiritual principles that work in our lives.

The Sanctuary Regulars

Sandy Penny

Sandy Penny has spent her life following her magical, mystical guidance and writing about it. She has followed inner promptings all around the world. She now shares the stories of her life to illustrate how much larger life is than it appears to be. She goes beyond the mundane to find the spiritual meaning in life events and helps others live a spiritual life of their choosing. She is a spiritual life coach, a website consultant, a proofreader and a social media marketer.  Read More